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This equipment is considered Economy, and may be picked up from our warehouse or delivered for a small fee.

Please visit here for Casino-grade games and full service planning.

Raffle Drum for prize drawings
Why just put raffle tickets in a bowl, when you can use our specially designed Gold Hopper for drawings and prize raffles.

This hopper is constructed from much thicker metal than standard raffle drums. The metal is shinier with a more attractive pattern. The construction is sturdier for smoother and quieter mixing action and longer life. DO NOT be fooled by cheap imitiations!

If you want a drum which will impress your group and which will last a lifetime, you need the Golden Hopper!


Gold Hopper



The mission of Premier Casino Events is to provide a real casino party experience by renting real casino games, highly trained dealers, music, theme decoration rental, lighting rental, and entertainment rental; to provide the best casino party in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Northern Kentucky, Louisville, Lexington, and across the nation.

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